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<aside> <img src="/icons/arrow-down-line_blue.svg" alt="/icons/arrow-down-line_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Duplicating The Planner Into Your Notion Workspace

Welcome! First things first let’s get the planner duplicated into your personal Notion workspace.

Never used Notion before? Don’t worry! We’ll guide you through this simple process that takes less than 5 minutes. To learn more about Notion: Introduction To Notion

<aside> <img src="/icons/playback-fast-forward_blue.svg" alt="/icons/playback-fast-forward_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Quickstart Tutorial

Welcome! To get you started, we’re going to quickly guide you through the core features of your planner.

Here are your first tasks:

<aside> <img src="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" alt="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" width="40px" /> **All green or blue blocks (like this one) contain guidance on how to get started with your planner.

Once you are familiar with a feature then you can delete the block and begin to customize your planner to look and feel the way you wish. Happy planning!**



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<aside> <img src="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" alt="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Customization Tip

You can drag and drop any page or view into the left panel if you prefer to navigate Notion in that way.




Tasks & Habits

Daily View

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<aside> <img src="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" alt="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Guidance

Life Areas


<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_blue.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Resources


<aside> <img src="/icons/video-camera_blue.svg" alt="/icons/video-camera_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Complete Video Playlist Guide



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Resource Center

Planner Add-Ons

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Your feedback helps us create more tools and resources. We’d love to hear how you’ve found using your planner.

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<aside> <img src="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" alt="/icons/light-bulb_blue.svg" width="40px" /> The block below is the only part of the planner we ask you not to customize. Everything above this point can (and should) be moved around, edited or deleted to suit your needs.


Main Boards (DO NOT DELETE)